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Fave Shows From The Hub Are Now on iTunes!

Fave Shows From The Hub Are Now on iTunes!

First time ever: Three of your kids' favorite shows are on iTunes!
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The best brands. The best games. Go head to head with COBRA. Attack enemy warships. Make your own pony! Solve Puzzles! The Fun never sets on HubWorld.

  • Dan Vs. This Game

    It's Dan vs. the Dentist, Canada and Fancy Restaurants! Run, jump, and snack your way to satisfaction.

  • Aqua-Battle!

    Help the Aquabats battle scores of baddies so they can reach their big gig on time!

  • The Haunting Hour: Creepy Quest

    Tease your brain and chill your soul with three creepy games -- if you dare!

  • Battleship

    Conquer the seas! Sink enemy ships before they find and sink yours!

Clever fun for your little ones! HubBub is just for parents and younger children. You'll find safe, enriching games based on trusted Hasbro brands.


    Help your friends find what they're looking for!


    Avoid the obstacles and get a hole in one!

  • BATTLESHIP - Fleet Game

    Five exciting games in one!

  • TWISTER - Grooves Game

    Score points by staying with the beat!